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Welcome to Nice Guild Name
New guild formed on Proudmoore doing east coast raid times on the alliance side. We look to be a casual raid guild with a small officer pool. Those five people make the final decision on guild politics. Members have a group to voice concerns and ideas to. We wanna be a easy going, fun atmosphere, and when comes to raids get serious and go. Loot system is simple MS>OS>Transmog (more details of loot system can be explained for tier) One major rule we have is don't bring your drama to the door. We desire fair, honest, and friendly players. If that's you feel free to apply :)
Friday, April 15, 2016
Nice Guild Name On Proudmoore
Welcome to our very first guild on Proudmoore! Our ranks in our guild are as follows (Yes we clash of clans alot woot!)

Initiate = Minions
Members = Barbarian
Alt = Archer
Veteran = Dragon
Raider = Hog Rider
Officer alts = Wizard
Officer = Grand Warden
GM (just cause she wanted a pretty title)= Archer Queen


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